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Common blind spots in business contracts that spell trouble

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2023 | Business Formation

Building a business is an exciting adventure. Doing so is often the realization of a long-held dream. Even better, the sky is the limit for potential profit.

Problems often arise if a company does not start with a solid foundation. Contracts help set the stage for long-term success. Creating those documents requires a proper approach. Otherwise, there exists the possibility of missing vital elements.

Blind spot #1: A lack of research

Contract writers must come from a place of knowledge. Failure to address essential issues is more likely when one lacks a thorough understanding of the relevant industry. Bulletproof agreements begin with deep investigative dives.

Blind spot #2: A lack of clarity

Any ambiguity has the potential to turn into an unpleasant conflict. Thus, the rights and responsibilities of all parties must allow zero room for misinterpretation. Using boilerplate documents from the internet remains unwise for many reasons. For example, the language may not reflect current law. The savvier choice is starting from scratch. This makes it more likely that the wording within fits the specific situation.

Blind spot #3: A lack of addressing conflicts

Even if a contract is easy to understand, one player might willingly violate its terms. Another scenario is that an honest disagreement develops over time. Helpful clauses state that independent dispute resolution will be the way forward. That way, thorny clashes can end with minimal fuss. The alternative is litigation, an emotional and financial drain.

Proper contracts protect businesses from a myriad of threats. Businesspersons need to make sure their legal agreements cover every critical matter.